Hi, this is my band, "the elastics" (spot the pun)

we play kind of indie/punk/pop, and we try to be a little different, although these songs don't showcase that particularly well.

They don't sound great quality-wise but we did the best with what we had.


I'd be more then happy to return the favour and critique your band if you want.
The music itself is cool, but your vocalist needs some work. A personal pet peeve is that real "BRITISH singing accent" like when you sing, you shouldn't have an accent, but he has that oasis thing going. It could be the recordings though.
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THAAAANK YOU GoodCharloteSux is god
Heh, I feel exactly the same about american singing-accents. You might not notice it if you are american, but I find most american bands have an american accent which annoys me.
I love it and your singer's British accent. Very cool stuff
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