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There has most likely been another thread like this but i couldnt find it.
Mine was a vox standard 25 i think, it was my dads n he gave it me. It was rubbish, th guy my dad bough it off paint stripped it to get the wood effect insted of black, but the made the pickups go funny. Also when i got it it only had 5 strings, i played it with 5 strings for about 2 months and theni got my Ibanez which i have now, its a GRG270B its pretty good for £200.
Anyway what was yours
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ibanez gax75, great starter guitar
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Yamaha CG100A

Great acoustic. I still have it.

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i had a really cool lookin bc rich mockingbird with a floyd rose and everything...but it had a warped neck, a lot of frets up the neck were dead, the emg's didn't work, the whammy bar was broken, and the action was super high, lol, but i still learned off that for a while
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the most awful strat you can imagine think squire but soo much crapper

its dreadful

i only keep it for sentimental value

i think its a "jim deacon" or somthing

absolute crap..
squire affinity strat from a starter pack lol very crappy, but I kinda wish I hadn't sold it now.
Yamaha Paciffica 112, it was blue and i traded it in to a local guitar shop for my current Ibanez ICX220
Ibanez ICX220
D'addario XL .010 - .046
Dunlop stubby 1mm

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Laney KD65

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Mine was the ****tiest Fender acoustic you could possibly imagine.. I still have it. xD
The action's way too low, it's neck-heavy, and it just feels like a toy but it's still full-size.
Marshall Rocket Special. I loved it so much I decided to take it to Stoke and set it on fire.
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Encore Electro-Acoustic. It still has one of the best acoustic tones I've ever heard, despite being about half-plastic.
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Mine is still my only electric--a Squier Fat Strat.

Me too lol.
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Encore KC3 yeah pretty crap lol bad for metal/rock alright for acoustic stuff - never stays in tune though so not the best first guitar but i learnt a lot from it
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Affinity Squier Strat Pack
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fender starcaster.. any bad thing you can find in a bad guitar, this guitar has it (and prolly 3 times worst)
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A beat up classical that my mom used to play
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first guitar was a goya acoustic which i still use. my first electric was a samick malibu. now i play a godin freeway classic which i love. the acoustic was my moms acoustic when she was a teenager so its at least 20 years old. it sounds nice but its not very loud.
a Jay Turser JT-300. i love it to death. its a creamy color.

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My lovely Ibanez GSA60 (it's black one in the middle, I don't have a shot of just that guitar at the moment, so this will have to do):

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the most bollocks small bodied encore single pickup (humbucker), absolutely pish but i got it so cheap and only wanted to find out if i really wanted to play.
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Red Squire Strat...still my only one except for my Yamaha Acoustic. I'm new, don't judge.
First acoustic (and first guitar) - a 35+ year old (inherited from my dad) Antoria Hummingbird (Gibson H'bird copy). Looks gorgeous, a real rich colour and tone, not like the "pink sunburst" 'Birds ya see nowadays

First electric - a plywood (yes plywood!!!) Grant Strat copy (also inherited from my dad) - surprisingly decent tone, nothing on my mates Yamaha Pacifica though. The Strat sucks next to my....

First self purchased guitar - Jim Deacon Les Paul (Cherry sunburst). It's nice, yaa! The pickups are a little too gainy - ceramic magnets apparently. It has a great tone for a £160 guitar, but nothing compared to the vintage vibe of the Gibson SG Standard I have my sights set on (only £120 left to save for that one )
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Red Squire Strat...still my only one except for my Yamaha Acoustic. I'm new, don't judge.

I had a red squier strat as my first electric - i loved it and never got why people hated them so much - it may have had a bridge held together with some blue tack but it was great. I have a MIA strat now but theyre not two worlds apart in terms of playability.
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I had a college suite-mate who loaned me an old Ovation acoustic with a cracked top and incredibly high action to learn on. I think he said his dad had bought it in the 70s but I may have that wrong. Either way, it was junk and constantly fell out of tune, sounded weird, and was really hard to chord on but for whatever reason I kept at it.
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