I'm thinking of buying a Dean ML bass.
I'm just curious to see how many people here have played one.
would you recommend it?

Thanks for help =]
i would recommend it, my friend has one and its nice, and not all of them have the V-Shaped neck
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LOL...this sounds like an excuse for a picture!

*drools* mmmmmmmmmmmm.....lovely!
Haven't played one, but it's on the wish-list. Sorry, this post is totally pointless!

I want it.
how much is it haha?
That particular one was on Ebay last week at £1000, secondhand. But like most Deans, there's a cheaper Far Eastern one! Thankfully, the pics of the £200 ones I've seen look very similar to this one, which is all mahogany. They'll just be made cheaper.