Okay, so here's what I got under the hood:

Windows XP sp2
Nvidia GeForce 6600
AMD Athlon 64 x2 4200+ (2.2ghz dual core)
80+gigs free hard drive space
2 gigs DDR2 Ram
430w power supply

I just built all this not too long ago, yea the video card is old, I started this project a long time ago but due to "circumstances" didn't have the money to finish it until recently. With all this, why in the world would I have to run games like Counterstrike: Source and Dark Messiah on the lowest settings, these games have been out for years! Lord of the Rings online is unplayable. I just updated the drivers for the video card and my motherboard......what else could I do?? I formatted less than a week ago too.....I dunno....guess its back to the 360 for me....
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get a new graphics card
I had the 6600 and was able to play CS:S and Dark Messiah without problems... Unless your definition of "working" is 100FPS, I'd say the video card in itself isn't the problem.
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Yea, definitely buy a 7 or 8 series card, that would be your only problem.
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I just updated the drivers for the video card and my motherboard......what else could I do??

Well, did you scan for malware? There's lots of good software to get rid of what's probably slowing you down. One program that can really do a huge change (if you are responsible) is CCleaner...make sure it doesn't get rid of Unused File Extensions for the registry or you'll be regretting it later. Otherwise, it streamlines whatever your computer is doing 10x. Also, make sure few programs are running in the background while you are playing...this includes viruscanners and firewalls.
Then defrag the drive.
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dude its not your hardware, at lease not from where any of us can tell. There has to be a technical problem with something your using. Maybe you dont have enough fans so its heating up and then it has to slow down. I suggest taking out something piece by piece , and having a friend come in and use his stuff and see what works and what doesn't. Maybe your internet sucks(it is video lag right?)
Yea, the video card is whats next on my list but still, its not a bad card. Maybe I am just expecting too much. I'll try some of the programs you linked fast fingers thanks.
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I have an GeForce FX5200 and evne that manages to run HL" and Counter Strike.

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