My guitar is a green 2006 fender toronado gt. It was made in korea and has everything original. It is as new. It was discontinued. It's rare. The main question is if the price will increase over the time. I want to know that because of the way i will treat it. I have been treating it decently. I can make modifications or don't give a damn about the finish and play it hard. Or I can take care of it and play gently. It all depends from its value.
Chances are it will never increase in value, only decrease. After about 10 years or so guitar values seem to stabilize. Unless some star is seen playing it value increases in MIK guitars are rare.
either way - treat it the best you can...after all it IS your guitar
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Well if any good make guitar is in good shape and kept for a long time the value it bound to increase or decrease. If you go to sell it at a guitar shop in 20 years, odds are they will have been looking for one or just haven't seen one before. Its all about chance. I would keep it in good shape just because its a nice little guitar.
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Its like driving a new car off the lot. Its never going to be worth what you paid. Sure if you keep it pristine and sell it 25 years latter, you may get more then you paid for it, but it tends to only be a perceived increase in value due to inflation.