Both are pretty good.

Have you tried out either guitar? The neck profiles will be totally different. I think both are Korean made, so quality will be similar. The RG does have neck-thru which is pretty nice...

Why do you not intend on upgrading the guitar? Picksup are **** on both guitars, and with a pickup swap they are pretty much ownage guitars.

EDIT: Also, what amp do you have? What kind of music styles do you play?
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I don't know which guitar to get. They are similar priced and both have fixed bridges and a mahogany body, which I is what i want in my next guitar.

SZ720FM: http://www.ibanez.com/eg/guitar.aspx?m=SZ720FM

RGT42FXQM: http://www.ibanez.com/eg/guitar.aspx?m=RGT42FXQM

I don't plan on upgrading them at all.

Just try them out yourself.

This is purely personal preference and both are fine guitars.
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I thought the pickups were good in the second guitar because they were made by Ibanez and Duncan . So if they are both muddy I guess and if I were to upgrade the pickups only, which would be the better choice?
^That's the thing, they are very similar except body shape and the neck profiles. Do you need the 23rd and 24th frets? If so, the RG is the way to go.

The only solution is to try them out in store, we can't tell you what to get; you might not like the guitar we suggest!
ahh the SZ. what a pretty piece of work.. i just wish they had a 7 string version with 24 frets

i have the toned down version of the RGT42FXQM, the rg321. its a fantastic guitar and i can only imagine the upped version is even nicer
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