i have a version 1.5 psp, screen is in great condition because i always kept a protector on it. selling with hot shots golf, and tony hawks pro skater 2..and a carrying case (the one that came with the psp, and an extra one) you cant find these anywhere, except maybe ebay. ill hook it up so your psp will have mario, pokemon, etc any other oldschool game you want on it.
oh yeah- even though you should only do this with games you own, throwin it out there, i used to run isos on it...they use up alot of space but they function as the full game. lots of stuff you can do with this one if you learn how, and if you dont want to just tell me how you want it and i will customize it for you. ill clean it up, take some pics, and get some more info and redo my post. just seein if anyone is interested.
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How much were you looking to get for this? Does it have the custom firmware installed already?
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im not really sure because i havent kept up with the current psp prices. so make me an offer. about custom firmware, im not sure. i bought this psp a few days after it was originally released, then i got into hacking it. all i know is its an original version 1.5, and i can put an NES, SNES, gameboy, or mame emulator on it, as well as various other programs. (paint, radio, background changer, etc.)