I've been playing an Epiphone EJ-160E acoustic-electric for almost two years now. Although it suits my music perfectly, I'd like to switch over to the electric side.

I am contemplating whether to get a Vox Pathfinder ($120) or Epiphone Valve Junior ($150), or to get a Squier Stratocaster + Amp combo ($200).

If I settle for just the amplifier, I'll purchase a Epiphone Casino or Fender Stratocaster in the future (a year or two). But, I'm not sure if it will be as fun to try to play electric with an acoustic-electric.

If I settle for the Squier combo, I'll end up with a cheap amplifier and cheap guitar. But since I'm not that great of a player, is it worthwhile?

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If you love music, then go for it. Dont go cheap, youll be disapointed. The casino would be a great guitar to start on, but isnt it like 5 or 600 bucks?
I think they make an Epiphone Dot, which is similar to the casino for like $200-300.
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evryone else on hear will say get the tube amp if you can. in the long run, it puts you one step ahead. i'd probably agree
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not the squier. and none of the amps you suggested either. i agree on the epiphone dot comment, theyre actually really nice guitars for the price
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evryone else on hear will say get the tube amp if you can. in the long run, it puts you one step ahead. i'd probably agree


and ive tried the epiphone dot and the ibanez artcores back to back and IMO ibanez makes em better
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get the epi jr valve amp because its a pretty decent amp and when you get a bit more experinced it blends well with effects but it depends are you getting the stack or the combo one? if its the stack one get it if its the combo one dont get it becuase its really bad
haha i'm sure as hell you shouldn't go down the fender frontman road, the amp sucks noodles (very small range of sounds). The guitar is poorly made, noisy controls and things. Although to be fair the tremolo hasn't crapped out like other cheap guitars.

Epiphone valve junior would be pretty sick i think, valve amp at 150 you can't go wrong. But you've got to be honest guitars are way more fun, but amps make you sound better, i would base your decision on that. That and go to a store and have a jam man
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In my opinion the amp would be useless if you are going to wait a year to buy the guitar, because I dont think its very fun playing electric on an acoustic-electric. If you really can not spend more than $200 right now the squire pack or a similar pack would hold you over for a few months. I would go with a different pack though(Epiphone SG starter pack) because a friend of mine started on that and it was far better than I thought it would be.

The truth is buying a starter pack is going to cost you more in the long run because it just isnt going to last. You are going to feel like you want better after only a few months. If you can save just a little more ($400 - $500) You will get a set-up that you enjoy and will last for years. I dont know your situation though, you may have a job you may be 16 and going on an allowance/birthday money. If you dont have a lot of money and you really want to get into electric a squire starter pack or the epiphone starter pack would work just fine.