If you dont know what i mean its where you have small white marks on your teeth.

I just want to know if anybody has any advice for hiding it or has any websites that can help.

i have it i think

the tips of my front 2 teeth on the top are white, the rest are like off-white, i suppose if i bleach my teeth itll match

i dunno if thats what you're talking about though

edit - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dental_fluorosis

according to wikipedia i have questionable to very mild dental fluorosis
yeah thats what it is lol, i find mine show up alot more when ive been doing excersise or something. or when my mouth becomes dry.
Same, questionable to very mild...
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use fluoride.
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is that what the white spots are
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chiliman14Hello, dental veneers are perfect to cover up these kind of stain without going under painful procedure. If you interest you can visit :
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