Well, i was messing around with guitar pro again trying to make a song and it started out as just a bass riff(the first one). I used that to start the intro. Then i had other random stuff in the intro. Its not really music i would listen to, to heavy and to uhh... i dunno, just too metalish sounding to me, but it seems its the only type of music i can make, lol. I focused on the bass a lot on the intro, i dont even know if its possible to play what i put on bass :P Also the ending riff is focused on the bass. I guess well just have to see what it sounds like when its finnished. Also, the drums are no where near done yet for those parts :P i suck at making stuff for drums so...yeah. Anyway heres what ive got so far. c4c?
The first six bars of the intro is great! I really enjoyed listening to it, expecting great things from the rest of the song. But hell, what happened? Was this all a joke? What comes are the intro is scheit.. But keep the intro, and save it for some good song.
hey i actually kinda like this :P, its pretty neet. I was expecting it to be terrible just cause of the way you described it, but it's really not bad. A bit sketchy at points were it goes back and forth between bass and guitar, if you filled it in with other instruments (particularly strings) it could be very epic. Also, you should make it longer haha.
I really liked the bass intro btw, that was cool stuff