yeah theres many other people who play that style too
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yeah theres many other people who play that style too

actually you're thinking of dobro playing or slide guitar or whatever... this guy's playing is different, yet he's holding it the same way (as you would hold it while playing slide gtr). that was fantastic!!! he was hitting (or slapping) the harmonics, that was very original & very inventive! -I liked it a lot... sounded nice too!
Yeah. But the same can be said for DAR amps and other amps which use "weird" tubes...dammit I want a pair of KT120s..I might blow up my amp and burn my house down, but at least I'll go out in a blaze of glory
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Wait, you can play guitar another way?!

Yepp, it's called, "play guitar like god would do!"
That cool., ive seen neil zaza doing that somewhere before, its awesome.
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Kind of reminds me of Andy McKee, only sloppier and he plays it in his lap.

Check out some Jeff Healey. He is blind and plays with his guitar in his lap, but he can play the blues and shred like a mofo!
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If anyone's interested, the song in that video is Air Tap! by Erik Mongrain, his 'Fates' album is stunning.
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