I was wondering if anyone knows anything about the guitar in the picture- made by Audition, not sure of the model name. I think it may be a japanese company. go to Itunes and look at Futurama Sessions by Elvis Costello and the Imposters, I'm pretty sure that this is the same guitar that Costello is holding. I'm thinking about buying this guitar, though I can't personally try it out, and I'm having trouble finding anything about it online.
audition vintage guitar.JPG
you know.....it kinda resembles an old Silvertone or something......how have Google searches for this thing gone?
unfortunately, the company name is audition, so I've been ending up with a lot of unrelated stuff in searches. it does look like a silvertone a bit. I've seen some Harmony guitars made in a very similar style. I really like the kind of jazzmaster-shaped body.
Well yeah, it looks nice enough. Wood quality is something to be concerned over, though.....

Those may be lipstick tube pickups on there. that would help narrow your searches down, maybe?
Are you sure its vintage? You sure its not just old?

Well either way it looks like a nice guitar. The bridge is certainly a looker. Something I would waste... I mean... spend my money on.
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Probably made by the same company that made a slew of your Harmonys, Teiscos, Sears/Silvertone and all those other mediocre cheap guitars from that era. Worth maybe $150 tops on ebay.
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I don't think they're lipstick pickups- here's a closeup.

Well yeah, seeing it up close, they're definately not.

I still stand by that it's some sort of Silvertone-type budget guitar. It'd be cool to have, but I dunno about how it would play....