Okay, Lenny Kravitz, Freaking awesome - and IMHO, great basslines.

So I find a nice riff in Always On The Run, I set out to learn it. But the only tab I know of is: http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/tabs/l/lenny_kravitz/always_on_the_run_btab.htm

And it may be me, but Im pretty certain there are a lotta fills missing, and also, I think the outro is different (in the song) to the verse etc, and there's no "Outro" listed in that tab...

If anyone can correct that tab, or point me in the direction of a correct one - Could you help me out? Really wanna get some more LennyK tunes under my bassng-belt =P

Cheers all.
Lenny does have some pretty sweet basslines - doesn't he play most of the instruments, or was that just on the Baptism album?
I think that WAS just Baptism.. Im pretty sure he has a band.

But the bass lines tend to be pretty sweet, like I said, in particular, Always on the Run, Im gonna take a stab at figuring out the fills for myself - But just could do with some hints and stuff ^__^
I made up a bassline for this - it's all in E minor.

I based it on RHCP's Can't Stop bassline, but very different and basically slapped the hell out of the song. It's better to just write your own bassline for this one, I think, because the site's tab is boring.
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Well, I've never written tabs for songs before..

Obviously I've noted down my own little riffs occasionally...

Any chance I could see your version to get some ideas? Not going to steal it. Just get some clues, ideas, and something to bass my own fills from.