I like the acoustic the best. It adds a dark sound to the beginning.
The solo sounds perfect.
I like how the heavy parts seem to fit the some.

Crit mine. It's the one that says Intro
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unlike moose the intro was my least favorite (not bad at all just my least favorite). 66-69 sounds like i've heard it before. all the riffs are awesome, the solo is perfect, the little bit of tapping in there is fantastic.


crit mine? top one in my sig preferable.
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killswitch engage has some dissonant riffs, they're kind grindcore tho

Sweet intro. I love the chords and harmonizing. The riff after was good but didn't suit the intro at all. All the riffs are good, the second two are probably my favorite. The riff at bar 66 was awesome, but i didn't like the harmonizing. the solo was great, I loved it. Altogether, pretty sick song. Good job!
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That was sick. The transition from acoustic to electric fit perfectly. All the riffs were thrashy as hell but the riff at bar 39 reigned supreme. The solo sounded perfectly suited and thrashy.