Poll: Does Hey There Delilah sound like Imagine?
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2 25%
Yeah, it does
0 0%
A little, maaaybe
3 38%
Not at all
3 38%
Voters: 8.
Is it just me or does Hey There Delilah by the Plain White T's remind you of Imagine by John Lennon?
hah i just saw the plain white t's yesterday. I don't even like em i just live about 2 seconds walking from where they played
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Whats a Steve Vai? Floyd Rose ripoff?

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Behold...the Arctopus are obviously music. I don't see how anyone could say they're not music compared to many modern and post-modern composers. That being said, I think B...tA are terrible.
I don't think so, but I just put Imagine on now and it really reminds me of Don't Look Back in Anger by Oasis

thats because Oasis stole the piano part from imagine and put it in that song.