Ok, i think this will be my last time bugging the newbie threats.

I found my bass guitar, stumbled onto a great deal for a peavey 4string grind. New. Now i am looking for a good practice gear. And was looking at this little practice amp.


The reason i am here instead of the gear boards is because i was wondering if there was an innexpensive way of having just a headphone set up. Lets be honest, it'll be months before i want anyone to hear what i am playing ^_^

I have a high end sony receiver and a very powerful mtx sub woofer. I know i have to keep the volumne down low (i am in a 400sq ft studio, trust me i know). I do have studio grade head phones, I'm an audiophile.

In the end i don't mind paying for the line-6 but if i can save a few bucks for later down the road, and get a headphone set up. Perfect.

Thanks again.