Yes, another "Which laptop should I get?" thread.

I'd like to get a laptop, which I will solely use to record. I've read in previous threads that MacBooks are excellent, as well as AlienWare notebooks. What kind of upgrades are recommended?

There is no budget and I'll be using my PreSonus FireBox to record.
If there's no budget by out microsoft and maccie and merge them! then own all the laptops u want!

but on a serious note, the macBooks are very good
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i love my macbook pro, does everything i need it to and does it well.
however, i know the entire PC using community absolutely hates them and have a huge list of reasons why nobody should ever get one. but i just use it for creative and school purposes, and it does what i want really well, and runs real smooth and doesn't really get viruses. so that's my input
Macbook Pro!
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Alienware is generally focused on the gaming end as most of their rigs come with extremely nice graphics cards, whilst the Macbook pro has a slightly more tame graphics card, but is more focused towards "creative" endeavors offering you a large number of wonderful apps to do so right out of the box. Just a note - Macs can run Windows XP, but PC's cannot run OS X.
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