so i was looking into what an S-1 Swithc is and i found some diagrams on the Fender website, looks like it makes it possible to use only 1 coil in the humbucker instead of the full bucker, thus replicating the sound of an S/S/S strat. can any1 confirm this?
Yes. That is so.
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its a grreat idea to add versitility, however, i split humbucker doesnt sound exactly like a true single. if its an sss your after, go with an sss. if its an hss your after, then by all means go this route as the coil split will add lots of versatility.
yea im dont care about the true S/S/S, I mean I'm never gonna use the bridge single anyways, I just want to add some versatility and I want the option of having the single coil there, just in case. I mostly play Hard Rock/Classic Rock/Metal.