Right now I'm trying to scrape together 100 bucks because look at this craigslist ad:

A Peavey classic 50 head for 100 bucks!!!! What the hell!? I'd be amazed to see a classic 30 for that price! The only thing wrong with it is it's missing it's little cover, but that is easily fixable, right?

Anyways, do you guys see anything wrong with this other than that, because if not I am definitely buying this and reselling it on ebay for 300 bucks...

EDIT: Yes, it's the older model, but still isn't this an insane deal? I think I should go for it. I'm not planning on keeping it, because I'm happy with my amp, but it seems like a good way to make some money.
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It's an older model that says it got cut off of the 2x12 combo...which means there might not be a face plate for it and you might need to make one custom. Otherwise, I say go play it and see for yourself.
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Oh... it's the OLD classic. (i thought you meant the new classic).
Good deal, get it then sell it, or maybe keep it.
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