has anybody ever had problems with the stratacoustic. I haven't found any problems yet but i would like to know your feedback about this guitar.
I think its absolutely horrible, and I'm not going to go any further in the review. In summary, rubbish.
R.I.P. S.R.V. dimebag ain't got nothin' on you.
R.I.P. Hendrix... nevermind, god can't die
Well, I'm here to bash it...

If you want a strat go buy a strat, dont get an acoustic thats shaped the same.
They sound horrible unplugged, some poeple say they sound good plugged in, but how many guitarests are going to play plugged in most of the time??
I also think theyre ugly too.... They just went and tried to blend a classic electric guitar with an acoustic, and they didnt end up being able to make it look nice like a strat, and it doesnt sound good like a nice acoustic.....
For Godsake, dont, just No, fender dont sell many acousitics, and thats for a good reason. Please, Goddam, just no.
Yeah I pretty well much concur with everyone on here, I know for a fact (having played one) that they suck unplugged. But apparently, they're not to bad plugged in.

However most of the time you play an acoustic, it's unplugged, so I honestly don't see the point of them.
I happen to like them pretty well, agreed they don't sound good unplugged, but I play acoustic onstage a lot and this one plays great for an acoustic, which is amajor consideration for me. My wrist can't take a fat neck, which most acoustics have, so it's difficult for me to find a good acoustic I can play. This guitar, with a neck more like an elecrtric, is one I'll definitely look at when I get ready to buy another acoustic. I need another one, I'll need an open tuning onstage when I get back to playing live, so this one might be usable for open tuning and slide work if nothing else.

I won't be too concerned about what it sounds like unplugged, I have a good Takamine I play at home for practice, and I almost always practice on acoustic. If I want to play this one, I'll plug it in, keep the volume low and go for it. I love the look, I think it was a great idea to mix the look of a strat with an acoustic, and a couple other guitars are being made in a similar fashion, I can't remember the brands, but I looked at a couple last time I was at the music store. Thin body, sounds like crap unplugged, but sounds good through an amp, plays good and weighs nothing. Same as above, if it plays and sounds good onstage I already have an acoustic to play unplugged...but the other ones I've looked at look more like typical cutaway acoustics.
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