What do you think of a band that has a rythm guitarist and a lead guitarist but the lead guitarist plays the rythm to?
that is generally how it goes.
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well duh, what else will the lead guitarist do when he is not doing solos or fills.. he has to do rhythm
you get up on stage and the lead guitarist just stands there and looks like a tit, so he has to do something,.
harmonize like iron maiden...the trooperrrr lol but i think bass keeps rythm
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truth be told its kina a good thing. it thickens the sound and on albums, like metallica, u can tell when one guitar stops and one enters.
ya,and the lead player cant be wanking over the vocalist,so generally they play rythym aswell
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Yeah definitely what a lot of these guys have said. Your lead guitarist CANNOT be playing lead all the time. It won't work. There are times when the vocals need to take the lead.

Now, as to what to do with your lead guitarist when he's not playing lead, you can play rhythm with the rhythm guitarist, like some bands do. Or, you can play rhythm but have the guitars panned, and have one guitar enter then the other one. That can sound good. Or, have them both playing rhythm, but different riffs that complement each other. This is harder, and not as common. For an example, check out Hourglass by Lamb Of God, near the end of the song one guitar is playing the 'vomit riff' while the other guitar is playing some power-chords underneath that work well. Another thing you can do is have the rhythm guitar play rhythm, and the lead guitar play some quiet chords or lead parts or something to help build the atmosphere. Or, a much more common trick, is to simply harmonize most of your rhythm parts. Bullet For My Valentine do that a fair bit.

Anyway, there's quite a few ideas there for you, choose any that you like and use them.
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