If I was going to drill a hole in my guitar for a killswitch which direction should I drill it from the inside or outside and how should I go about drilling holes in a neck to mount it to the body and drilling screws for floyd rose locking tuners>?
start drilling from the side that you will see becausethere will be some splintering on the side the bit comes out. You could first start a hole on one side but not go all the way through and then drill the rest from the other side if any splintering would bothe you but thats for the most part overkill and just drilling from the side youll see should be fine. Also masking of any surface that will be seen though unneccesary is always a good idea so you can draw measurement on it without f**king up your paint. for the most part the old adage "measure twice, cut once" is an understatement, I usually measure several times just to make sure.