I bought this a little less than a year ago and i'm in a time of needing money so i have to sell this. it's in great condition and and it has been barely used so it still works beautifuly. I got it for $230 used so i'm looking for about $200 for it. here's a product description:

When tilted back, the XP200 functions nicely as an onstage monitor.

Using the same cabinet and speaker design as the EX10, the XP200 powered enclosure has a bi-amped power cell capable of producing up to 200 Watts RMS (160 Watts Low/40 Wattts Hi). It also includes an active crossover and built-in limiting.

The XP200's power module gives you 3 stages of speaker protection, including relay switching for power up and power down. The onboard limiter circuit ensures a clean output even when you push it to maximum sound pressure levels. Because of its perfectly matched amplifier and speakers, the XP200 is particularly effective as a powered monitor.

Improved 12 in. Heavy-duty Celestion LF Driver, 1 in. Titanium compression Driver, and Exclusive Celestion/Samson designed crossover.

here's a pic of the speaker
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