I want to get my first single effect pedal soon

Suggest what you think would be a good first pedal

Just know these two things

-I dont need a distortion pedal because the distortion on my amp is amazing

-And dont suggest any multi effects because I hate them so much.

PS. I was thinking about getting a delay pedal or a wah wah but I'm not sure
Noise Gate or Delay.
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get a digitech multi effects pedal

Don't. Get a wah or delay.
Boss Phase Shifter PH-3.

Does like, heaps of stuff. I've got it to sound like a wah, flange, normal phase, reverby type thing, alien sounding thing. It is fair awesome, and that was my second pedal.

Also, if you don't know what sort of effects and stuff you want, then it wouldn't be too bad an idea to get a cheap multi effects, thats what I did and now I know what sort of effects and sounds I like.
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get a digitech multi effects pedal

you realise I said dont suggest a multi effects pedal because I hate them

not to mention the multi effects pedal I had happened to be a Digitech RP80
and it really sucked ****

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get a digitech multi effects pedal

Pipe down nutcase. As if you would get a Digitech POS multi-effects.

As previously mentioned, I think a Deluxe Memory Man or Guyatone MD-3 for delay, or maybe a Dunlop wah.
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