i need tips on jazz chords, runs, licks, ideas, tabs, anything. i want to learn some stuff to expand my playing. if you could mention some sites, artists or any other info that might help i would appreciate it.
Hi tom
practice some blues scales.
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It depends on how far you want to go with it, people spend their entire lives studying jazz. If you want to make your playing a little more "jazzy" try these.

Learn to swing, listen to the Big Bands especially Basie and Ellington.
Google "jazz chords" and learn about altered chords and diminished chords
Check out the jazz minor, or melodic minor ascending scale (it's just the major scale with the flat 3). You can make modes out of it in the same you do with the major scale.
There are other jazz scales as well, altered scale, whole tone, diminished it gets a bit crazy
Learn to approach target tones chromatically.
Listen to the great players, early Louis Armstrong, Ellington, Parker, Miles, Coltrane (in that order)
Guitar players like Wes Montgomery (he's THE man), Kenny Burrell, Barney Kessel, Charlie Byrd, Charlie Christian, Herb Ellis.
Start with a 12 bar blues, learn how to include II, V, I's in the progression,when you've got that start learning jazz standards
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