hey can n e one give me some good songs to learn that are pretty ****ing heavy?
and rock and roll
Anything by Meshuggah,
Gojira, Textures, if you mean heavy, as in drum oriented, downtuned, slow-but-crushing riffs.
Or for heavy, as in fast paced and shreddy guitars,
Children of bodom Lamb of god, Necrophagist, And Sepultura/soulfly
Iron Tusk by Mastodon. in Drop A. System of a Down songs before Mezmerize/Hypnotize. Especially on Toxicicity and Steal This Album!.
The Rising by Trivium.... really anything by trivium but the rising is fin awesome and any pantera works too :p
definetly.......if you want to play something ****ing heavy you'll have to play the surge from ion dissonance