i already play guitar but i want to start up on bass. which starter set should i get thats decent but inexpensive? id prefer something thats flexible for different styles

btw i want one with the bass, an amp, gig bag, and strap, anything extra doesnt matter, price range around $200-300
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Ibanez, Squier, Yamaha. Take your pick and see what works for you. All have decent starter packs.
I've gotta recommend Silvertone's starter pack. I still use it today because I have some strange infatuation with it.
I'd get the Squier Jazz Bass kit. The Rumble 15 is decent enough. And the Jazz bass is very versatile. And as a guitar play you'll prolly like the thinner neck better. Oh, and the new the better, cuz some of the older Squiers are sub-par to say the least.

But most of the starter packs are decent enough anyways, just stay away from Epiphones.
I like ibanez's cheaper stuff pretty well and they are also known for thin necks so i'd look into that if i were you.
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