The title kinda says it all..

I'm torn between two guitars: An acoustic Epiphone Hummingbird or an Ovation Celebrity acoustic-electric. I was at Guitar Center today and got to play both guitars. I liked the lightness of the Epiphone, but the Ovation had a nice sound, too and can be hooked into a sound system.

My mom said that she liked the ocation acoustic-electric.

But I could also just get a pickup for the Epiphone and hook it up that way if I wanted to.

What are some advantages/disadvantages to either choice so I can decide on what I want?
i have a Hummingbird, and i love it. If u play plugged in mostly, get the Ovation. it doesnt sound too great unplugged, but plugged in its supposed to be great. if u can get a good poickup for the Epi, then get the Epi. U could always mic the Epi if u need to. Ovations i find difficult to play sitting.
I would probably go for the hummingbird as I like simple acoustics made of wood and not plastic (I can be a bit of a purist at times).
I would say the epiphone would be better in that it should sound good unplugged, and you can then go and buy a good aftermarket soundhole pickup (or internal pickup, but you would have to get that professionally installed) and have a good mixture of noth unplugged and plugged in goodness
I think it really comes down to how often you are going to plug it in, if you are going to be playing live a lot or you have an amp at home then fine, but like johnos said it's not going to take much to get a good soundhole pickup and/or mic it up.