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I was just wondering how people on UG write their lyrics. Do you write them on paper, or use a computer? Some other form of communication? Rock carvings perhaps?

I tend to do most of mine on paper with pen, as it feels more "organic" to me. I have written some stuff on my word processor too, which also turned out well. I don't think the medium really affects my output, but I seem to prefer the pen.

What about you?
PC for me.

I have really, really horrible handwriting, so everything i write looks downright terrible in my scrawl.

And when i write on the PC i change the font and size to suit the mood of the piece... lately i have been writing in times new roman, size 9, with auto capitalisation off.

Don't ask why... I don't know.

Also, writing on the PC is less disheartening i can't see how many times i have backspaced or deleted everything.
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Paper ^^ same reason as you
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Depends. If I have an idea during the day, I'll write it down on whatever I have with me. If I'm sitting at the computer and have an idea, I type.

Simple as that.
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Paper for me. It just seems so much more real to have it in front of you than on the other side of a glass screen.
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Yeah I like the idea of not seeing all the mistakes you've made on PC, when you can just delete words. I have a lot of scratched out lines in my notebooks...
I like looking at everything I've changed in a piece, so I prefer paper, scribbles and all
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During the day when I go out for a walk or whatever I always carry a notepad and pencil with me.

But at night when I'm at the computer I just open notepad and write there.
paper, it just gives me a feel of accomplishment to have a piece of paper all scratched out and looking terrible, but it's music, and I can sing it and play it whenever I want. I just can't do that with a PC, it's not all "edited" and it doesn't feel the same
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i write ideas down on paper and pc. but if i do not have both i just go on my phone and put it in so i remember it.
yea i do the phone thing too lol.

and...that was my backwards answer btw not spam
Backwards hardly understandable answer = spam. There was no need to do it, it had no relevance to the thread.
I usually jot them down on paper. I hardly ever write them down on the computer...
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Mostly paper
I always have atleast one pad with me everyday at school, so during classes i'm scribbling away, and if i dont like it i just cross the line or throw away the entire thing. I dunno why but i enjoy seeing fully crossed lines. I also share my writing with some of my buddies at school for feedback, so that helps too
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the main idea is written on paper
and then on the pc which is easier to correct mistakes
Paper. It's so much easier, in my opinion.
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Depends. If my computers on and I wanna write then I'll do it on MS word and decide whether or not it's fit for UG. If I'm too lazy, I'll write on paper. I'm usually not open to sharing my work so I'll just put it on PC when I have time.
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I like looking at everything I've changed in a piece, so I prefer paper, scribbles and all

I like a do da cha cha.
I use paper as it's normally on hand, while with a PC i have to wait a minute for it to load, open word/notepad, then write it. And paper is unlikely to crash or get erased.
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If I'm at home, I'll use the PC. If I'm at school, I'll obviously use paper.

I don't think the medium makes much of a difference. At least, it hasn't for me.
I'll usually write on paper, but every now and again I'll type my lyrics/poems/stories into a word document I update every now and again.
I use both, although anything good I write will always end up on my computer, saved in a word document for later reference.
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PC all the way. It not only enhances my abilities, having tools like google, msn (people I'm talking to inspiring me), UG, and I generally spend most of my time at my computer so it feels more homely.

I used to write on paper when I was a younger songwriter, and in my head I have memories of those generic, baby-steps into song, and it doesn't really help.

So, I'm with PC. I'm actually surprised that so many people use paper, I thought it was way outdated by now at least. Nevermind, manual labor will be obselete soon.

I write on paper when ideas strike me, but I like to do it near my computer in case I need to look something up. I write in pencil because I'm really OCD about scoring things out so I like to be able to rub them out.
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That probably took some effort, though.

I use the different media for different purposes. I like writing on paper when I don't have a firm idea of what I'm sitting down to write. The scrawl of the pen across the paper seems to tease out new ideas in me, it's more unpredictable and dynamic. But when I have a strong idea that just needs a framework of words, the slow speed of my handwriting (I'm a very meticulous writer) just can't match the rate at which my brain throws out words and phrases. So I use the word processor for those situations.
Paper if i'm in the process of writing a song.
Computer just for writing i'm probally not gonna use in a song.
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Paper, why well because it feels more like one on one or soul to soulish.
If that makes sense.
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Paper. I like to just sit in a corner sometimes and just 'lose myself' in the moment and jot down ideas.
Pen and a notebook...never done it on the omputer before. I need to be in my room with no distractions and no one around...can think better.
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