I know, I know. People hate it when others try to compare themselves to other players by posting all their accomplishments and asking if they are good or not. But that is not my goal right now, my goal is to get a general idea of where I am at. Because I think I am falling behind right now, and I need to know how to pick up the pace. So, here is what I can do:

Hardest songs learned :

Stairway to heaven solo (all of it)
Dani California (all of it)
Crazy Train (all of it)
Purple Haze (all of it)

Soloing skills:

minor pentatonic scale learned in the keys of A and E (no clue how to use it that well though)
Few riffs to use in the minor pentatonic


Few extra riffs from (fast blues)
slow chord songs (Wonderwall, Under the Bridge etc.)
Fastest speed on metronome: 6 notes per second

Now, IMO, this isn't very good. Because I am a bit sloppy sometimes, especially when it comes to Crazy Train. (except for main riff, and chords parts) I am trying to improve using John Petrucci's Rock Discipline video and some other various resources. Right now, I think I need to improve on my soloing and speed/accuracy because that is where I am hurting most. Any recommendation on how I should improve? How far behind am I? Because I know there is people who have been playing the same amount of time I have (I have been a bit over 9 months) who can do a lot more than I can. Please help. If anyone finds this thread bad, or I get flamed a lot, I'll take it down. Thanks,
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You're only ever as good as you are and that's all you need to know. There is no "how good am I doing?"...everybody learns at different speeds and everybody has different potential. Some kid might be ripping through Master of Puppets after 6 months, but he could have spent the entire time learning that song at not have a clue how to play anything else, someone might be streets ahead of all their mates after 1 year but never gets any better, meanwhile the kid that was still struggling with barre chords after 6 months, and got laughed at because they only learned the solo to highway to hell after a year might end up being better than them all.

It's impossible to "fall behind" because there is no precedent - this is the first and only time that YOU have learned to play the guitar. It's never happened before and will never happen again...it's a completely unique event therefore you can't gauge or measure it relative to anything else. If you enjoy playing, and want to learn, and practice you'll become as good as you're supposed to be.
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U have to enyoy your way on teaching yourself of playing guitar...

I have played 6+ years, and i never focused myself on fast solos, so maybe, if a 1-2 year guy could "win" me in that matter, but in rhythim, melody, feeling, and the thing that matters to ME! i could "win" him too, or be beyond of him, but that doesn't matter...
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