I have read things that suggest lighter gauge strings create a softer sound while heavier gauge strings produce a crisp/strong sound. This doesn't mean a whole lot to me, as I'm not that great at simulating the difference in my head...but I'm looking to get some new strings (probably Elixirs) and I've always used medium gauge, but I felt like it's time I figure out the difference.

For example, what type of gauge strings would acoustic players such as Dave Matthews, John Mayer, Jack Johnson, etc. use? I'm assuming of course that they're all the same...


You have to be careful because some guitars aren't cut out for high gauge strings. I would start with Elixir 10's and move up to either 11's or 12's. If you know you're guitar is either already or can be set up for them and your fingers can handle it then try 13's for the best sound. 12's are as high as I'll go for fingerpicking though. Good Luck PLaying. Btw most of those artists play in 10's or 11's so that their hands aren't as stressed during recordings.
I use .011 strings on my acoustic, a bit stout sine my wrist gives me trouble to begin with, but it sounds great. I agree with the above, start at .010 and work up to what you like.
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