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personally, id only buy an agile if i needed a guitar to **** up onstage

high 5! not to be too harsh, but ive gotta agree with this guy. unless your planning to replace everything on it hardware wise, and you like the feel of it, save the extra money and buy one that'll work beautifully when you get it. i could referr you to a friend of mine who's obsessed with agile guitars at the moment, but i dont think he has an account on here
The only ones that are any good are the 3000 series and higher. I'd get any one of the 3000s, or if you want MOP inlays, the 3100.
3100 FTW! I got to try one and I think they would be just what you need. Although I think P-90's would be nice for Blues.
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touche sir.
the third one.........or you could just go with a Dean
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