I recently noticed that my high strings had alot more fret space then my thicker strings did, by almost a quarter of an inch! it was to the point where my low string coudlnt really be fretted past fret 19, and my high E string had like 1/4 inch to move around
i decided to loosen my strings and see what was up
It turns out i can pretty easily move my neck parallel to the face of my guitar!!! i just pulled on it and it went back into place, making the strings run evenly straight with my neck,
this is an american made custom shop BC rich
not a cheapo
although it is a bolt on neck
what should i do!?
whats the neck made of????!!!!!!
esp ltd ec 100qm
epiphone valve junior head
epiphone g-310 with emg 81/85
im not sure, it looks like maybe maple, it has a rosewood fret board and the back of the neck is so worn and dirty it might as well be black walnut lol
well if its maple than it deffinitly shouldnt do that!!! maple is really hard wood. I would check for even the most minor of cracks. thats most likley what happened. lucky for you its a bolt on so you can replace it...
esp ltd ec 100qm
epiphone valve junior head
epiphone g-310 with emg 81/85
well there are some tiny creases/cracks in the body of the guitar, right where the body contours into the neck and its most thin, wow this neck is pretty damn movable
well if there are cracks it the body (even if there small) its most likely that your ****ed, sorry, that sucks...
esp ltd ec 100qm
epiphone valve junior head
epiphone g-310 with emg 81/85
good news i was actually planning on getting a new guitar anyway
even tho im pissed its breaking
at least i was PLANNING on getting a new guitar
thanks for the info man, i coudlnt find anything about this on google or anything
this is one thing i was worried about
i use the zakk wylde strings,60,52,36,17,13,10
so yeah
think as **** low strings, and thin bendy bendy light strings
probably played hell with my neck
but i am in drop C so i dont think itd be that bad
i blocked off my floyd rose so yeah
^ that could be the problem, Try using a normal gauge of strings and see if it unbends at all.
well no i can take off my string and actually just move the neck back and forth
i think that would present a problem string gauge difference or not
plus there are little cracks where the body meets the neck