i noticed that when i play any note on the 2nd fret on the second from the bottom string.... i get a beeping sort of annoying feedback on my amp (roland cube x15). is it just because the guitar is sucky or is there any way to fix it? im not really bothered that much by it though, i just want to know what;s up with it
try it through a different amp. if it's still there, because the guitar sucks.
its most likley squiers crappy quality.
esp ltd ec 100qm
epiphone valve junior head
epiphone g-310 with emg 81/85
You shouldn't be getting feedback. Are you sure your term is correct? If its feeding back on one spot of the neck its probably the guitar's natural resonance combined with high gain settings on your amp and standing too close to the speaker. Try to describe what's happening in different terms or post a sound clip. Can't tell what you really mean from this. Sorry if I am being dense.
it could be the trem springs.
esp ltd ec 100qm
epiphone valve junior head
epiphone g-310 with emg 81/85
oooo, i usually play with my gain on max.... it could be that but then again, it only happens on the second fret with one string.

i get the sort of feedback you get when you now plug in a mic or something; you know that squeeky noise?
Might be a combination of too much volume and the string fretting out. Try raising the action (bridge) a little on that side and turn down/stay away from the front of the amp. Try that guitar on another amp and see if it still does it.
Like he said ^^^^^^

Could be a pinch harmonic resulting from the string hitting a higher fret. Maybe you could raise the action, or perhaps the truss rod needs to be loosened to provide more relief, or maybe some fret leveling is due.