hey all.
i just picked up a used squier strat for next to nothing, as a guitar to start my customizing carear on...lol. i was just wondering what would be the first things to do to it? i understand that a crap guitar is always goin to be a crap guitar, but its just for a bit of fun. so yeh im guna strip it back and repaint it to start with. is it worth getting sum half decent pickups (used at a cheap price of course) to replace the stockies?

any other idea that wont break the bank will be good thanks

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first thing you HAVE to do is increase the tunning stability
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and a new nut. get a earvana one, or a graphtech one. oh yeah, get locking tuners.
sweet thanks. so new tuners and a new nut.does any one have an opinion on getn better pickups? i dont wana spend too much money as i realise its still guna be a fairly rank guitar. my other guitar is a esp viper 301, so i was wonderin what it would take to make this squier produce a half decent clean tone? as my viper takes care of my metal cravings. so yeh, will it be possible, viable, to get a decent clean tone outa this squier?

thanks again
Do you know what your squier is made of?

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nah im not sure what its made out of but perhaps somecan can tell me...its made in 1996 in china if thats any help.

its an affinity. i think...lol as i was told affinitys were made and china, and this one is made in china. is anyone able to give me any specs on this guitar?

Affinity is good, especially a 96 one...nice players with some SD's and new hardware.
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Ibanez RG1570 - Going bye bye
Jackson DK2 - Eventually will be replaced with Maton Mastersound
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sweet. so far it sounds like i got a prety good score. since its 10+ years old is it worth replacing the 3 pots and the switch? im undecided in whether or not to get sumpickups yet as thats a bit more expensie so ill just see how the stock ones sound and go from there. like i said, i got this mainly as a guitar to start customising as ive never done anything like this to a guitar before, but i have prety handy woodwork and painting skills.
In all reality, the guitars finish should be last priority.

Get some new machine heads, bridge, pickups, electronics, nut etc..first
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Ibanez RG1570 - Going bye bye
Jackson DK2 - Eventually will be replaced with Maton Mastersound
Peavey valveking 212
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yeah, esp the most basic of electronics. The ones that nobody talks about. The pots, wires, 5-way switch, jack, perhaps a new plate to go along with it, and tone capacitors.

after that, i'd change pups. Make sure that you don't dream too big, and that the new pots will fit in the body without much trouble. I modded my squier strat, and found that the pickup screw holes don't line up and the rout was not deep enough to fit the push/pull knobs in. After a little carving, it worked out, but the pickgaurd hangs wierd. (when i refinish it i'll fill up the old holes and drill new ones)

basically, just make sure not to forget about those.
Redo all the electronics, slap some guitar fetish pups in, new tuners, new nut and a new bridge. Should get you a decent sound.
sweet thanks for all your help everyone. i think to start with ill just replace the nut and the pots,the switch, prbly the jack and plate,and possibly the tone caps if thats prety strait foward. this shouldnt cost me to much so yeh. then ill keep an eye out for some cheap half decent tuners and a bridge, then one day maybe some pickups.

ill probably document it if anyones keen to have a look lol im sure uve all seen loads of squiers bein rebuilt but yeh ill probly make a customizing thread so i can ask the odd question when i get stuck haha
thanks again
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hey thanks for that. im actually in new zealand so its not really practicle to get those off ebay. but ive got very similar products lined up for me over here.
buts thankls anyway =D
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havnt actually got it yet...lol it should arrive in a week or so but ill get sum pics up for you all then!!
awesome. get a new bridge or add a spring or two to the trem cavity for better tuning. As well as locking tuners and a new graphtech nut. you might want a new jack, maybe a switchcraft or a locking jack if thats possible. and get a new prewired pickguard or do some soldering. Wiring jobs on a 10+ year old guitar, especially a Squier Affinity, are shoddy at best.