alright, i know this is a noobish question but, i dont use a lot of palm muting, ok, almost never in most songs i play

however, certain songs, such as the one i am working on right now, Nottingham Lace (Buckethead) requirer some palm muting.

ive tried it a bunch, but whenever i do it, it seems as though im not getting any sound at all.

any tips?
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mess with ur knobs on ur amp or pedal
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Remember to only very lightly rest your palm on the strings right next to the bridge. It takes a while to get the perfect position figured out and nailed, but you'll get it eventually.
It sounds to me like you're resting your hand to far away from the bridge. The side of your hand should be right in front of the saddles.
yeah, my hand actually mostly rests just on the bridge with just a little bit of pressure on the strings.