What are good things to practice and how to start playing Buckethead, and what are some of his easiest songs?
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Jordan, hah kidding i have no idea.

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Jordan, hah kidding i have no idea.

That's what I'm trying to learn. Right now I'm playing at like 25% of the normal speed in Guitar Pro ha
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Chromatics, 4 finger licks (usually minor), appergio's mixed up with chromatics (dunno really how to explain this, but ya know if you play an appergio just do the same fingermovement 1 fret further), Also study chords a lot, buckethead is a master with playing with chords.
Check out the whole note scale and octatonic scale, he uses them a lot.
Oh and yeah, tapping, he mostly does octave tapping.

EDIT: Btw, Jordan is like one of his easiest songs =x
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begining of jordan is easy. the solo on the other hand isnt exactly a walk in the park

you dont need killswitch to play it either. just put the volume of your neck pickup on 10 and your bridge pickup on 0. then put your selector switch in the middle. then just barely press it into the neck position so it dosent lock in but you still get a signal. then just release it to kill the signal and push it slightly back down to get a signal. i have an sg so the switch it in the same place that buckhead has his switch. it sound like the real thing too minus some effects.
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His albums are completely different. Try listening to "crime slunk scene" and "electric tears".

try jordan. you gotta mod a killswitch though. get an spst switch from radioshack for 3.00 usd and solder it to your volume pots in the back. after that, should be easy except for the insane solo.

padmasana is good and soothsayer is nice for starting too.

chromatic 4-finger licks are good too. know how to tap, cuz in some of his songs, its essential. just get alternate picking down and practice some scales.
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haloween its piss easy taping style aswell with two hands to ply the bass
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Star Wars isn't that hard to play. Find some songs on Giant Robot for example, early albums.

I was wondering what effects he uses in this vid, especially the Star Wars part at the beginning:

Was thinking of a wah or a whammy pedal and a bit of delay and a phaser maybe... anyone knows?
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If you want to just play the only buckethead song everyone knows, then by all means, learn Jordan. The most important part about that song is the rhythm of the main riff, pay VERY close attention that your playing it rhythmically correctly or people will call you out on it.

Now If you really want to show off with some easier buckethead, try learning sections of Nottingham lace, computer master if you can slap, I love my parents, Whitewash, King James, Mad Monster party, Padmasana, Binge and Grab, Final Wars, Aquabot, Want some Slaw?
....Post office buddy, Night of the Slunk, Seven laws of woo....
Anyways, you get the point. A good deal of bucketheads music is very do-able, with some shock licks and insane shreds thrown in.

Now if your going to start learning how to solo a la buckethead, there are a few things that haven't been mentioned yet.
One of bucketheads tapping patterns is a descending 3 fingered tritone tap. Yeah. its a mouthful. Basically you fret a note, tap a tritone (6 half steps) above it, release, and move down a fret. it should be done with 3 fingers across the diffrent strings for...insane sounds. Anyways, hope that helps. there are a few youtube vids that actually explain finger nubbing VERY well, way better than I could in this anyways.
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Why do people worship this guy so much? He's a mediocre guitarist at best.

I guess people should only like the very best and no one else.

Really now, Buckethead has his own sound. Some of us like it.
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Why do people worship this guy so much? He's a mediocre guitarist at best.

Dude I hate the guy but his songs would be good finger practice.
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my personal favs to play are Frozen Brains Tell No Tales, Hills of Eternity, Intro - Theme Park, and Binge and Grab, none are that hard
learn how to 6 or 9 finger tap, sweep taps, etc.
augmented cords/sweeps
chromatic stuff
add9,11,13s to your chords and stuff
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