right well i've been hitting the books hard, the scales even harder, i was wondering what can i practice to get some rythm idk they say i have none...The metronome trick been helping a bit anyone else got any suggestions.
For online, check out http://www.berkleeshares.com/. While some of it is basic, there are some gems amongst the lessons, and they cover rhythm in a few. The PDFs have embedded sound for you to play along with. They also have a decent bass guitar practice guide that is worth checking out

Playing with drum loops helps quite a bit. If you need some, PM me and I'll send you a few that were posted a while back. Also, if you have sheet music that is stumping you on the rhythm side, loading it into Guitar Pro can help you sort out things (a great hint I got from Sinan, btw).

Finally, if you can, get a teacher. This is one area my teacher has helped me greatly in and I thank him profusely for.