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i have a question....not that im doing this soon or anything but is painting a guitar hard to do for the first time....because i thought about painting my cyclone purple but its expensive at shops and i dont want to ruin it

EDIT: i added a poll to decide on the color between those 2 there are picks on here of each color im looking at
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I did my first guitar painting and modding at your age. The key is to do a lot of reading and research.

Start off with reading some of the links on the sticky: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=542726.

When you think you got it, read it again. Check out my 1st mod in my sig for a simple paint job and neck and PU replacements.

I was planning on doing it this summer but I want to be sure i know what I'm doing when summer comes around.
I'm absolutely terrible at painting, IMO it takes a whole lot of practice to get any good even after you have read up on everything again and again. I've painted Two guitars and two speaker cabs and I still havn't been anywhere close to satisfied with my results. Despite this I'm getting ready to paint a few more basses. I don't think there's any harm in trying, you have to start somewhere, so go for it. Even if it comes out a little rough the first time, a purple finish like the one you suggest will still kick total ass. Biggest bit of advice is to take your time. You can't get away with cutting any corners when painting.
The 2 biggest problems you will have is getting the finnish baby ass smooth before you paint. use some 400 or 600 grit to finnish, and when you think it is smooth, sand it a little more to be sure.the other problem is crap getting in the finnish while the paint is drying.You have to paint it somewhere where it will not be moved around. I did mine out in my shed but brought it inside the house to dry.As soon as I moved it some dust and crud dropped from the ceiling and is now embedded in the paint on the horns.Anyway before you start with your color put on a couple of light coats of primer,let it dry fully and inspect for any sanding marks that might be there(the primer coat will make them more visible if they are there)If not then continue with the painting allow 24hrs before you start putting it back together.
Hope this helps.
What the hell, if it doesn't come out right,sand it down and try again...
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well i was planning on hanging it up in my garage to do it that way i can close the door or open it either way and itll be in a big space.....ive seen people bolt a like 2x1 or something to the body when they paint so i thought that might be a good idea.]

i also like this color
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Yeah that would work, or you can just use a coat hanger, run the hook thru one of the neck bolt holes but do it from the inner side so the hook isn't in the way of painting the back of the guitar.I am sure your garage will be ok as long as you don't go in or open the big door for about 12 hrs. It doesn't take much for dust to start falling if you want you could always tape a few garbage bags up above from where you are going to paint.No guarantee but it should help a little.
It can be very enjoyable to customize your stuff but at the same time it can be very aggravating. As the saying goes S**t happens!!!!
Post some pics when you are done...
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I can't decide between colors...er.... purple. Good luck with it! I'm waiting for some fabric to come so I can get on with a fabric finish, looks quite easy too for my first try, Maybe think about that aswell?
if ur doing a guitar with a pickguard like the Telecaster, then id do it gren.i dont rly like the purple, but if its between those two, id say the green.
this one isnt mine but this is what it looks like just so you know....and i wont be doing it till this winter at the soonest so i'll have to start a new thread when i do it but i will post pics