Ok some backstory, my band has a live show at this party and we've never played live before. Anyway obviously we'll need some way to make the vocals audible with everything else going on in the backround (guitar, drums, people, etc.), so i was wondering how we would do that.

I know (or think) i'll need a PA system and i dont have money to shell out on new gear, so if i hook up my mic to a stereo system like this: (my actual thing, btw incase there was any confusion) will it work like a PA system?

If im way off as to what the hell im doing please tell me, and if this is in the wrong forum, o well, the pit has answers.

Thanks in advance.
Try it.
And if not, use an old guitar amp
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dude a guitar amp can like blow out, because of the highs and lows of vocals. its better to use an old bass amp.
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^How would i plug into said bass amp? Would I have to get a mic-to-1/4 plug in adapter or something of the like?

Also, thanks for the replies
It would work fine. You might get laughed at for using such ghetto equipment, but it would work.
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