i just started playing guitar...i have been playing bass for a while but wanted to diversify my musical talents...anyways...i want to know some good songs to learn that aren't that hard...and dont involve too much strumming or any at all...im no good at it...fingerpicking or picking would be great...
learn the intro to one last breath by creed, its got a fun fingerpicking part too it.
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Romanza (A.K.A. Spanish Romance) by Anon is a good one to get used to basic fingerstyle. Also try Blackbird by The Beatles. Not the most impressive songs, but they're both great intros to fingerpicking.

You may want to consider giving strumming a shot though, it's a pretty integral technique to have if you're serious about playing the guitar. Play how you like, but don't be completely opposed to it if you're serious about being a well-rounded guitarist.
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