So, I searched and it seems as though this band doesn't have a thread.

I think they're one of the better thrash bands out there...quiet possibly the best thrash band I've heard.

They definitely deserve their own thread.

'Darkness Descends' is pure thrash pwnage.

I'd say they're probably better than all 3, especially better than Metallica, I know. There's no way you can compare something like "Seek and Destroy" to an insane thrash song like "Darkness Descends".

I would say that Dark Angel is probably thrashier than Metallica and Megadeth. Maybe even Slayer...

There are people out there that say Dark Angel is better than Slayer. I would probably say they're right...especially when it comes to soloing.

I like Dark Angel more then Slayer, and Gene Hoglan does perhaps the best thrash drumming job in history on Darkness Descends.
soloing maybe but sincerely all that darkness descends is a power chord add a string of 16th notes repeat or just hit some power chords and add a string of 16th notes maybe a small spur of pull offs here or there... but yeah soloing is prob better than Slayer... personally I think Slayer is alot better; take Merciless Death... aside the bass intro, repetitive as hell, yeah south of heaven and raining blood sound alike, but at least all their songs have some more riffs... sincerely i thought they were generic as hell :X... -hence the quick delete- I remember uh this peruan band... torturer i think was pretty good thrash circla 1989/92 -cant remember..-... slayer's solos arent that bad, some have great moments... take war ensemble or seasons in the abyss or dead skin mask to name a few :X... all i haer from dark angel is 'darkness descends' from everyone ... Ghosts of War alone destroy anything this album has to offer :P -well at least from my humble goddamn mother ****ing opinion-
Darkness Descends is just great because of the raw and agressive production IMO,
i also have Time does not Heal but i dont really like that one because of the singer musically its great but the vocals bring it down for me
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Dark Angel is one of the best thrash bands ever.


They were the best Thrash band .

i never realy listened to any thrash album darker,heavier ,quality produced than their last effort Time Does Not Heal,easily my favourite thrash album .

ROTGLMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Merciless Death is a FUNNY ASS SONG... that high pitched girly scream is funny as hell sounds like South Park trying to play thrash LMFAO XD (around 1:40 in the song then later on... then his random higher pitched screaming/yelling) roflmao
I was just listening to the whole Darkness Descends album about an hour ago. Awesome...nuff said.
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I recently got Darkness Descends. It's like woah. Me likes. I really like the beginning bass riff in merciless death. But I often find the vocals (as mentioned earlier) a little, meh. Like when they're good, they're great, when they're bad they're embaressing
'The Burning Of Sodom' is the greatest Thrash tune ever written.
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I want to try that while playing the opening riff to "Tempting Time".

0-0-0-13-0-0-0-0-13 or something like that alalalala but It;s so heavy and off time and awesome and you could not f**k anyone to it.

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Yeah, so Darkness Descends is a badass album.


Though yeah, the vocalist isn't that good.
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the vocalist is pretty good,i think he's better than that annoying guy in nevermore
****ing sick band.
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that annoying guy in nevermore

Fail? Yeah, I think so.

Although Dark Angel's vocalist isn't bad. It's the same style as Tom Araya, nothing wrong with that.
Dark Angel were tagged as being "Slayer clones," but it was actually the other way around. Dark Angel influenced Slayer. Slayer used play Dark Angel songs during rehearsals. They mentioned DA guitarist Jim Durkin in their thank-you list for the Show No Mercy album. It was Gene Hoglan's idea to have the group chant of "Evil" during the chorus of "Evil Has No Boundaries." Hoglan was a roadie for Slayer, & he was an influence on Dave Lombardo. Slayer just got the breaks first. And when Dark Angel started to get some attention, Slayer started slamming them in the metal press.
Oooh and also i found out that Tallica copied the machine gun double bass drum thing... at 55 secs on Darkness Descends check it, then look at One - tallica
D D was released 86, ...ajfa 88 or 9 cant remember
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Dark Angel is badass. I love Time Does Not Heal. DD isn't as interesting to me but it's awesome as far as pure aggression is concerned, it's hard to find something more thrashy than that. Sick stuff.
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I like Dark Angel more then Slayer, and Gene Hoglan does perhaps the best thrash drumming job in history on Darkness Descends.

I'm listening to Darkness Descends now. I finally get it. You're not supposed to pay attention to the fact that it all sounds the same because it ****ing slays! All the way through. Short, but sweet.
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thrash's selling point basically. I am hard pressed to listen to whole thrash albums longer than 40 minutes.

but yeah, the ultra violence is tits.
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but yeah, the ultra violence is tits.

You're thinking of Death Angel

I used to get the two confused as well.
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