you don't get it do you?
the way my door bell lulls quietly as you stand
motionless on my doorstep, except for the constant
movement of your hands from your hips,
to your side,
to your lips
and back down to your side.
but i am not inside.
i am not here.
i am floating.
i have shrunk down to the dust in your lungs and
you are checking your watch to see if the hands are aligned
with the designated time you were assigned by my voice
that doesn't seem to run my appointments past my mind, so i tend
to always be running late or behind.
you will not wait any longer.
throw back your hair,
check your nails for paint chips
or overgrowth.
check your breath.
chew some gum.

your teeth are white and gleaming on my doorstep.
your hips are curving more and more as you
inch towards the doorbell to ring it one last time.

one day your lover will retreat into the air from which
they once came to you by.
in a passenger plane,
in a ship or balloon.
in the slow motion of the tide
you separate yourselves
from the currency you can not escape.
the green on your fingertips shows
the spending you've been doing trying
to keep yourself occupied,
hiding your loneliness with some shopping bags
of shame and a lighter piggy bank.

you will not die alone in a mess of the life you've led.
i will hold your breath for you and your tiny lungs
will fill full of oxygen and love.
last call,
i am here now,

i am here now.
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I understand.


"Success is as dangerous as failure. Hope is as hollow as fear." - from Tao Te Ching

This is great. I haven't seen this style of writing on here before, but I like it. great job.