I need some help on what kind of deck,trucks, and wheels i should be looking for. I want everything to be real light also.
get one's that look cool. thats really all that matters.
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get one's that look cool. thats really all that matters.

lol no way,it can be a blank for all i care. just as long as its light and has alot of pop
dont worry. i was kidding.
...Nothing you've ever...
...Planned on ever turned out...
...The way you planned...

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Well, I haven't skated for years now...but I always preferred Enjoi and Habitat boards.

But hell, I have no clue if they're even still around...
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Dunno bout deck brands - i assume any blank will do
for trucks, i used to use tensor when i skated, they're light and can take a beating
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element makes some pretty light decks (helium or fiberlight) i havent used them but ther supposed to be realy light
I used to really like AWS decks. For trucks, if you want light, look up Webb trucks, but Ventures or Krux would also probably be a safe bet.
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I need some help on what kind of deck,trucks, and wheels i should be looking for. I want everything to be real light also.

Deck depends on your skating style.

Are you a vert skater? Then you want a fat deck.

Or are you a street skater? A thinner, longer deck will be better.

For wheels, you want softer wheels for vert, I think. Which means harder wheels for street.
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I actually prefer blank decks. a) cheaper, usually, and b) you can like make your own design on the bottom. Or even write poetry on the bottom? Or like tag the **** out of it lol
Thats just me though
my first deck was a blind, i regret that so much. i skate street,yea im gonna go with a blank, and i will look into those ventures and krux. thanks for all the help everyone
Deck is all about preference. AWS, Habitat, Chocolate, Toy Machine, and Girl are all made by the same distributor. Enjoi, Blind, and Almost are all made by the same distributor (But these are a bit less quality as they are made in china, not with Canadian maple). Popwar and Habitat were always favorites of mine.

Wheels really depend on what you skate. Street wheels should be small 49mm-54mm and hard. Vert wheels should be big (56mm and larger). Spitfire, Pig, Speed Demons, all make good wheels

Get the size of trucks that correspond to your deck. If you get a 7.5" deck, get 7.5 or 7.625 inch trucks. Venture, Krux, Fury, grind king, orion, are all good brands.

Get Rock N Rons rockets for bearings. Definitely the fastest and smoothest bearings out there. There only 25 bucks a set, too. And they beat out 100 dollar bearings in performance.
For a deck the best thing I could recommend is finding a size (example: 7.75, 7.5, etc) that feels comfortable to you and actually try standing on the board at the shop, any skate shop is alright with that. then for trucks I recommend Krux because they are the lightest and most reliable you'll ever find. For wheels it really doesn't matter unless you care about your wheels getting that yellow **** looks to them in which case get Ricta because they will never get that, and their slick as hell. For bearings just get black panther. Their cheap, reliable, and smooth as any other bearing under $60. Its all preference though, just get a deck that feels comfortable to you. Just about all boards are equal it just matters what size feels right cause every company is a bit different but the fact is that the quality is pretty much the same except for blanks which are made to be cheap. Just don't buy into the hype that one company is better than another cause it doesn't matter at all.
Newsflash: Different brands don't have the slightest difference, all that matters is your personal size and you should be fine, mine's about 7.875 or 8.0
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Get some Bone Swiss/Redz bearings and Chocolate wheels and you'll be sorted

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I don't even know what my board is any more.. I'll go look, 'cos everyone else who's ridden it has fallen in love with it, so it must be good.

I have one fracture, and one thunder truck.. lol.
I have Ricta 53mm all star cores, and I don't know what my deck is, and I can't be ****ed to see what my bearings are. But basically, my best mate skates and using all his spare parts we made the 2 best boards we could. I prefer mine, and I didn't pay anything for it.
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I always used to ride an Icon deck, I can't remember which model, it was just whitey-grey with the logo in the middle. I loved those Icon decks .

And back in the day, light wheels were Ricta Aircores, not sure about now.
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I used to have a Plan B that had alot of pop.

Do they still make those things?

****, I need to pick up my board again.
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I need some help on what kind of deck,trucks, and wheels i should be looking for. I want everything to be real light also.

Ok through my expericence with many different brands I found AWS to have the best shape, Pop and durabilty. a As far as weight goes there not much difference when it comes to boards unless you get a fiberlite but really its still not that big of a difference and I wouldnt reccomend Element. As far as the width you want thats all preference but for the record I perfered 7.75 but I have pretty big feet so if your feet are on the smaller side you should probably get a 7.5. For trucks if you want good light trucks get a pair of Ventures or Thunders, I personally have had bad experiences with Krux although they seem to be popular but if you want the best and can deal with a little extra weight get Independent stage 9s. Wheels are mostly preference I like Rictas I would recommend you get anywhere for 50mm-53mm basically bigger wheels last longer and go faster but are heavier and smaller wheels are a little slower but are lighter. Now I prefered harder wheels because I liked to do powerslides and stuff but if your looking for more grip and a little extra shock absorption get softer ones. Bearing Bones are definately the best brand I've ever used nothing else even came close. If your on a budget get reds if you got the cash get super swiss 6. Risers again come down to preference so try with and without and see whats most comfortable for you. I don't know what your local shops prices are but if you don't mind waiting a week or two order online as far as the shops around here I've saved for $50 to $100 by getting a complete online.
Here's some good websites



I'd recommend getting a 'blank' deck, just find one that suits your style. It's just as durable, but not a 'pro' model, so it's cheaper. I've used my Tensor trucks for 6 years and swear by them. If you can, get bones swiss ceramic bearings.
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Plan B Deck
Venture or Thunder trucks
Ricta wheels
Bone Swiss bearings
Then go skate
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I usually go by saying you get what you pay for, blank deck are weak and some are usually pretty heavy, for the deck i would go for either Popwar or baker. You should also look at the transworld buyers guide, it got all these new age decks, some are called resin 7 or 8 and theres this other deck that has some chambers in it so some wood is taken away for less weight and there some board with carbon in the middle to increase strength and reduce weight.
I used to have a world industries complete years ago when I was like 12...

I learned you really shouldn't do that.

Fuck, I wanna skate now haha
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Element Fiberlight. Very light, very smooth, and the fact that there's a long piece of fiberglass in the center of it pretty much ensures that it's never gonna break. I own a Fiberlight deck, they're the only ones I use.

Element Featherlight Take the stats off the Fiberlight, double them, and you have the Featherlight. The only downside to this board is despite how smooth, supple, and light it is (very easy to use as well) that it breaks easily. Not VERY easily, but easier than most.


Independent Stage 9 Metal Series Truck (Gunmetal) Industrial is the brand you want. Destructo is also good, but Industrials give you the grace and agility you want on a light board.

Independent Stage 9 Metal Series Truck (Chrome) I prefer Gunmetal, to be honest, because I weigh 95 kilograms, but Chrome is nifty and easier to move with.


Black Panthers I wore these out, back in the day. Probably the best bearing I ever had, for the price.

Bones Reds Also good, for the price, but I'd get Black Panthers.

Bones Ceramics. If you want to spend 100 bucks on skateboard parts, be my guest. These are the best money can buy.


Spitfire S4 Core II's. If these don't satisfy you, I'll buy you new ones. Hand to god.


Black Magic Oh, and make sure you get an Ollie line cut in them.


Who the hell cares what risers you buy? They're like, a dollar. Don't be cheap and get a lot. I bought Shock Pads, but they're not very good.

Get Grind King Hards way better for a lighter skateboard. They'll support your weight nicely.
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buy a 3rd hand deck.. its so warn out that it makes you look like an awsome skater


for light stuff:
wheels&bearrings dont really matter but you wont need very fast bearing ona light deck so you can save cash there

my current is element featherlight, really old gks, minilogo wheels and bones reds, it would be light but the bard is an 8.
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