I need to know what pickups (other than EMGs, they are way to over rated) would be good for a John Petrucci kind of sound. I was already thinking of buying the D-Sonic from DiMarzio but Im kind of stumped for the neck pickup.

I have an ESP LTD MH-50 and my amp is Peavy Bandit 112.
why are EMGs overrated? they're just good for metal.

but i heard seymour duncan is good
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EMGs will sound too sterile for Petrucci's tone. I'd suggest you actually look into getting a better amp, and maybe a better guitar later on. Seems to me that (no offence) the combination of your sh|tty agathis LTD and that SS Peavey isn't gonna get you anywhere near to Petrucci tonewise.
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I have an ESP LTD MH-50 and my amp is Peavy Bandit 112.

Pickups aren't going to get your near Petrucci's tone at all, when you're just playing through that bandit.
Amps are a way bigger influence on your tone than any pickups.

And Petrucci has used a multitude of Mesa amps over the course of his career.
I agree, pickups won't make anywhere near as much difference as a good tube amp will. I've played Bandits, and sorry, don't mean to offend you but they suck. They don't suck as bad as the smaller SS practice amps with 8" speakers, but they really won't get you a good tone. If you don't have the bucks for a good tube amp, the Peavey Trans Tube amps don't suck quite as bad as most solid state amps...Check around at pawn shops, you might find a decent tube amp used for a little more than a new solid state. I spotted a Traynor 60 watter w/ one 12" speaker a few weeks ago around here for $360, that's not too bad and it's an all tube amp and sounds good. Also in very good condition.
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