I was playing around with open tunings the other day and I wrote a really cool slide blues song when I was in an open tuning of sorts... When you strum, it plays an E shaped bar chord but I can't remember how to get to it!

I know that you tune the low E to D and the high E to D, but I can't remember what else after that!

Please help...
... was it d major open tuning? where it's an E(standard tuning) chord shape, but it's d?

Edit: now I see you're not online, so I'll just assume that's what you're talking about.

tune big E to D (whole step down)
leave A
leave D
tune G to F# (half step down)
tune B to A (whole step down)
tune little E to D (whole step down)

I'm pretty sure that's right
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There are lots of open tunings. Open D (which i think is what you're talking about) is DADF(sharp)Ad.
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