I was all set to get a 50s classic series strat but then I noticed that the fretboard is a 7.25 radius. I've heard that this makes it very hard to bend notes unless you have higher action while I like to have lower action, not like ibanez low but not really high either, which is what I've heard you have to have with the 7.25 radius. Is this true? Does anyone have experience with 7.25 fretboard radii? Also are the '69 pick ups good for like a David Gilmour, or Hendrix tone? I'm thinking about replacing the pick ups in that guitar with either '69 pick ups or with '57-'62 pick ups. I don't know which ones are better.
you need to play it first, maybe you could find it confortable, and if you don't you might be able to adjust it to make it good for you
7.25 tends to choke when you bend at high frets. not hard to bend. it chokes. it dies. thats why i have a 7.25"-9.5" compound radius neck on order.

but they sound great and plays nicely with chordings.
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^How come I don't hear David Gilmour's bends die out then? Is it only the really high frets?

Also does anyone have any pick up recommendations?
Look into the classic players 60s strat, it will be my next guitar. It has a 12" radius and comes with the '69 pickups which are great imo.
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^ Doesn't Gilmour use a 9.5" radius or something?

I dunno, see if you like the pickups before you swap them. Stock are meant to be decent on it.
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^^^ That's a good question. To my knowledge he uses a '57 neck on his black strat, and bends are like his trademark.

By the way, have you seen his new DVD? I just got it today, and damn it's good.
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^^^The 60s player strat was an option but the neck so sooooooooo thick, I much prefer the V neck that was used in the 50s.
^^Well I really liked the sound of both the 57/62s and the 69s and was just wondering what people thought got a better Gilmouresque sound.
^Yes he uses a '57 neck which as a 7.25 radius
Look at the CP50s then^

Real smooth and nice neck to play on, and looks sexy.
^I looked at them too and if I decide to get the 57/62 pickups I'll get a CP50s. But if I want the 69 pickups then I'm getting the CS50s. I'm just trying to decide which.
best if you can try it first, the 7.25" radius annoys some people, while others like it...

pickups- where are you in the world? that'll affect prices etc.
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^I'm in the US and my goal is to be able to get a David Gilmour at Pompeii type sound/Hendrix on Voodoo Child (the really long blues one, not slight return) and at the most heavy and fuzzy sort of Dead Meadowish sound.