So say i want to recrord an audio track into a program like cubase/protools/logic etc...
and that audio track has to come from a keyboard that can have different sounds etc.. (strings/drums/ all that) then how could i do this... ? using an audio interface?
where does MIDI come into it? can you do it without MIDI?
someone please help me!!! *confudeled newbe*
I'm no expert on this, but I think most keyboards have a digital out or audio out that you can hook a cord or two into, and then plug the other end of the cord into your computer. Again though, I've just seen this done before with *a* keyboard. Not sure which ones are compatible, or the specifics. Sorry I can't help more.
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You should be able to use the software to control the keyboard using MIDI but if you're planning on using the keyboard for a number of parts you have to first figure out how to set up and use a multi setup (or similar) on the keyboard. And, of course, you need some kind of MIDI interface that can "communicate" your keyboard MIDI data for the computer software. And you need to set the recording software up properly as well.

The easiest way is probably just to hook up the stereo outs of your keyboard to whatever audio interface you're using and recording the parts "live" (if you have the skills for it).
can someone explain to me how MIDI works?
so you go keyboard- (midi out) - audio interface - (midi in) - computer - audio interface - (midi out) ..............is that right?
if it is... where does the last (midi out) "out" to? where does it go.. and why?
MIDI is not audio. If you want to make sounds using MIDI data you'll need a tone-generator, or synthesizer as it's often called. So if you want to record MIDI data from your keyboard, you'll need a synthesizer to turn it in to sounds.

Recording audio from your keyboard should be easy, just take the headphone or line out and connect it to your interface.
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Thankyou all who posted, i think im understanding it now, but what i dont get- is why does it need to go to the computer and back before it can playback? cant it just do whatever it does in the computer and then send an audio out to the interface?...
What is the point in MIDI?... dont flame me for that i really dont get why its necesary?
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MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) is great because it's got all the information of a performance, without any audio. This means the file is very portable (audio files are huge, MIDI is tiny), and extremely versatile. If you've got a MIDI file containing data about an 8 minute performance, you can go through it and fix up any mistakes you may have made, change some dynamics, and even rearrange the score altogether.

But what most people, myself included love about MIDI is its most basic function: it is the standard control interface for any synthesizer on the market since the 80's. My M-Audio keystation can control any MIDI device out there, creating an entire universe of possibilities. I mostly use MIDI to play software synthesizers (synths that run on your computer) and with the right software (ZynAddSubFX and AmSynth) I've got the ability to create any sound I want.

MIDI is great, you could control an entire concert with it.
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ok, so the controller and synth CAN be in 1 unit?
just checking- the controller wuld be like the actual keys?... and the synth wuld model to the sound u want?
You can send the audio output of the synth through an audio interface. If all you want is the audio from the synth, don't worry about MIDI at all.

If you want to use your synth to control software instruments, then you nead a MIDI interface.
oh, so if u had a software instrument plugin, then you could use the midi keyboard to control it?

why do you have MIDI "out" from the interface and where does it go?
The "out" from device A is used to control device B

The "In" on device A is so device B can control device A

...In a nutshell.
oh.. .so if you had a hardware synth and a controller seperate?... would the 'out' from the interface go back to the controller if it was a synth aswell?
The connection only needs to go one way in that case. Keyboards that are simply controllers don't have an "In" port, because they aren't needed.