Ok all! how big do you think any type of gear has to be to be too big?

eg1.I have a friend that has a 1200watt Kustom bass rig that he only uses for small gigs
eg2.My bands drummer has a double bass drum 9 piece "Tama" (well mostly Tama)

And I think both of these are to big! any thoughts?
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too big (gear) has all to do with the kind of band using it.
honestly, amps the size of a house would only make me want to go and see you, and a million drums, well thats just plain wicked
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no guitarist, no matter how famous, will ever need anything bigger than a 50-watt half stack.
^i want that.

i have two 1x12" amps. i stack them up, a/b/y it. yay instant full stack.
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You didn't use the word 'to' in the right context in your title. The correct way to write it would be: "How big is TOO big?".

and anyway, I think a full stack is too big for most gigs....
a half stack is too big for most gigs. my 1x12 peavey is just as loud as my friend's line 6 head/randall cab. mine doesn't sound like crap at loud volumes either.
TS, to answer your question: breadstick's sig is too big. Use that as a reference point.
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Having the best gear you can afford is a good idea, because it allows you room to grow. You save money in the long run if you have a big amp to begin with, rather than having a small amp and needing to buy a bigger one in a couple years.

...Unless it doesn't fit in your house.
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A wall of amps just screams badass. Nothing is too big.
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