I just read about this about twenty minutes ago... it's hella weird. If anyone has heard of it, post about it here. Has any one listened to this stuff? I'm really not too sure if I like it or not...

Here's a good example of some Prepared Guitar music:


I just found some more videos of it, this one's more traditional, and better in my opinion:

Here's another one, this one sounds pretty shi:

One more; here's a prepared piano:
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Roflz. This is pretty much what I'm playing with my group now.

I hear a lot of this sort of thing (well, relative to anyone else I know, but there's a lot more for me to hear), and it's very inconsistent. You can get very new and fascinating sounds from instruments, but then anyone who wants can randomly whack a guitar and just say they're performing a free improvisation. Easily more than 3/4 of what I hear bores me, but when these improvisations work, the effect can be fantastic.

It's worth a shot to try it out, and spend some time thinking about your instrument in new ways. My current setup is using an electric in drop-G (yep) with a hand-held fan, an electric toothbrush, slides, a capo, and a few effects like flanger and tremelo. I also have an acoustic-electric in open D that I use for feedback, which has been so much fun lately.
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I enjoy much of Glenn Branca's prepared guitar work, though I would hesitate to classify it under classic rock...
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Judging from that video, I don't even know if I would call that music Regardless, though, it seems like some pretty interesting stuff.
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^I thought the same thing when I first heard it. It's really weird
It's quite a big thing. Over the years so many people have thrown things into a piano to get different sounds and it's the same with practically every instrument, people just wanting to find new sounds.

If you're into this kind of thing and want stuff that's a bit more modern I'd strongly suggest you go and have a look around Volcanic Tongue's website or Aquarius Records' page. There's so much of this stuff going on and there's a hell of a lot of good work out there, just have to trawl through a load of stuff to find something you like.

Probably one of the most obvious people that you should check into is Steve Reich.
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